• Travel Photo: The T in Boston

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    The T in Boston

    Continuing the subway travel photo theme, I’ve remembered a few more subway systems that I’ve visited. We visited Boston briefly on a road trip a couple of years ago and had the opportunity to ride The T in the process. I hadn’t realized before visiting that Boston was the first city in the US to build a subway system. Even more interesting than that, though, were the interesting subway trivia we learned from the friend we were visiting.

    For example, an advertising company used to install lighted flipbook-style advertisements in one of the subway tunnels that you could see play out as your train ran through that tunnel. When the company went out of business in 2009, their final ad was never removed, so until MBTA found out that the ads were still lit in 2011, you could see an outdated ad for Coraline if you rode inbound between Harvard and Central Square. Unfortunately we missed out on seeing the ad, but I found a news article that shows a video clip of it.


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