• About the Artist


    Hi, I’m Lindsey Olson.

    Even before I had the tools to create professional greeting cards, I grew up making my own cards. I’ve always been a DIYer, so when I discovered a friend had designed and printed her wedding invitations herself, it opened up a world of possibilities to me. Starting with hand-me-down crafting tools, a trusty inkjet printer, and a lot of google searches about graphic design techniques, I designed my own wedding invitations and figured out how to reproduce my greeting card designs. A couple of years, a bit of experimentation, and a laser printer later, I built a shop full of greeting cards designs.

    I work primarily with illustration, printmaking, and watercolor, and I like to keep my designs simple and minimal. I design anything that makes me happy. My primary goal is to make other people happy with my designs (and what better way to spread happiness than with greeting cards?). If I travel somewhere interesting, hear a funny joke, or see something beautiful, it might end up in one of my designs. So, you could say I draw happiness. :)

    I also love food and am sometimes called a goob for that. I love making it, photographing it, eating it: I love everything about it. Check out my food and travel blog if you’d like to share in the food goobiness:

    The Food Goob