• Artists to Watch

    I’ve accumulated business cards and links to websites for artists I like over the years, only to find that I lost the business card or forgot to bookmark the website. So I’ve started a list of artists whose work I enjoy, and I’m sharing it.


    • John and Kristin Dumas – fractorama.com – I was introduced to fractal art by John and Kristin Dumas at one of the Houston arts festivals several years ago. I find this art form fascinating because it’s essentially the merging of math and art in art created by math. They explain it much better on their site, though.


    • Yesenia Garibay – yeseniagaribay.com – Yesenia is a friend of mine. She makes creative handmade earrings, necklaces, and more. They’re all beautiful, and if you have something custom-made, I know from experience that she has an excellent knack for creating jewelery that fits your style perfectly.
    • Liz Kruesi – designbylizk.com – Liz is a friend and former coworker of mine. She makes beautiful handmade necklaces, earrings, and more, and I love every piece of her jewelry that I own!

    Mixed Media

    • Carl Walker Crum – texasmontage.com – I saw Carl’s collages of iconic Texas landmarks, signs, and businesses at the Austin Pecan Street Arts Festival in 2009. Some day I’d like to get one of his Austin montages.
    • Chris and Amy Hoedebeck – benttreeimagery.com – Chris and Amy create custom words and names spelled with photos of letters and letter-like compositions. I saw their work at the Austin Pecan Street Arts Festival in 2009, and I was impressed by the number of photos they’ve accumulated of objects that look like letters.


    • Roger Disney – rogerdisney.com – When I first saw his paintings of trees and forests (painted from his travel photos) at the Austin Fine Arts Festival in 2005, I was impressed by his choice of perspective (from the base of the trees, looking upward) and the bits of black sharpie you could see through the paint in some places. In talking to him, I found out he sketched out his paintings with sharpie and let the sharpie show through in places. I really liked this technique, considering that I like sketching with sharpies, myself.
    • Judith Moore – judithmoorefineart.com – I fell in love with her close-ups of flowers at the Austin Fine Arts Festival in 2005.


    • Jennifer Becker – jenbecker.com – I saw her pastels of succulents at the East Austin Studio Tour in 2009. Beautiful use of color!


    • Trey Ratcliff – stuckincustoms.com – Trey came to speak about his HDR travel photography for the photo club at my work in 2009. I love the vivid, almost-surreal effect that HDR gives the photos!
    • Chris Hamberlin – fotorosso on Flickr/fotorosso on Etsy – A coworker of mine, I saw Chris’s photography for the first time at the East Austin Studio Tour in 2009. Her photos have a vintage feel that you don’t see that often in photography anymore. I love her perspectives on her subject matter and the styles and colors of her photography.
    • Barry Thomas Hendrickson – barryhendricksonphoto.com – I loved his black and white photos of Ireland at the Austin Fine Arts Festival in 2005.
    • David Victor Leung – davidvictorleung.com/blog – I ran across David’s travel photography blog while looking for a honeymoon photographer in Kauai. He has a wonderfully clean, crisp, vivid photography style, and I love that he focuses on the local culture of his destinations. Every travel photo he posts makes me want to plan another trip.



    • Tracy Reid – Beautiful watercolor paintings of Koi fish. I saw her paintings at the Austin Fine Arts Festival in 2005 and, while she doesn’t seem to have a website, here’s a sample of her work from the Fort Worth Arts Festival in 2007.
    • Floyd Gibson – fineartsbyfloyd.com – At the Austin Fine Arts Festival in 2005, I loved his natural landscapes and his close-ups of fallen autumn leaves. It looks like he now also includes boats and buildings, among other things, in his landscapes. Beautiful watercolors!

    Not Quite Art But Still Quite Awesome

    These people make an art of the work (or fun) they do.

    • Waterloo Labs – waterloolabs.com – Amazing feats of do-it-yourself technology, like wirelessly controlling a car with an iPhone

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